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GTA Future of Work

Why do we exist?

The purpose of the GTA Future of Work Group (GTA FoW) is to foster a more inclusive and accessible Future of Work by highlighting best practices and insight, enabling both employees and companies to thrive, organisations to be more productive and workplaces to be inclusive of all.

Covid was a catalyst for what was already beginning to happen in the workforce, shining a spotlight on complex subjects such as: employment trends, inclusion, productivity, and technology to name a few.

In essence, GTA FoW exists to make the future of work understandable and actionable for businesses around the world to empower the best decisions for their workforces.

GTA FoW helps you navigate the changing world of work by expanding your understanding of the issues and options available to you with content and insights, particularly around Technology, Sustainability, EDI/Wellbeing and Transformation.

Who is it relevant for?

Nearly everyone! With approximately 55.8 percent of the world’s population being part of the working world (Statista), the work of the GTA FoW touches us all.

Formed of decision-makers and leaders who are not only influencing within their own companies and associations but using their voices to amplify best practice and next steps for the wider working world, the group of over 500 advocates is made up of professionals from across a broad spectrum of functions and industries. The variety of subjects explored and the complexities these entail attract a diverse array of advocates.  Members represent over 250 companies employing over 10 million people globally, from giant conglomerates to charities and SMBs.

GTA FoW helps the working world navigate the changing world of work by expanding understanding of the issues and options available with content and insights. As such, these insights perhaps bring the greatest benefit to decision makers, business leaders, people managers, as well as Human Resources/ People & Culture and business transformation professionals.

What priorities will GTA FoW focus on in the next 12 months?

The following key future of work themes are where we shine our focus and believe organisations should too – now and for the foreseeable future:

  • Flex/ Smart Tech – while technology has enabled us to take huge strides forward in our working environments, enabling greater freedom, flexibility and evolution, we believe the future of work is people-centric – not one that is superseded by technology. Technology should always augment the human experience, not replace it.
  • Sustainability – workplace transformation and flexible working encompasses environmental responsibility, employee wellbeing and social impact. By adopting eco-friendly practices, embracing flexible work, and fostering a culture of sustainability, organisations can contribute to a more resilient, responsible, and future-oriented work environment.
  • EDI/ Wellbeing – diversity, equity and inclusion should be a paramount focus for all organisations – it’s not only the right thing to do, but the smart thing to do. The Future of Work is an equitable and inclusive one.
  • Transformation – workplace transformation is essential for staying competitive, attracting diverse talent, fostering innovation, and building a resilient organisation capable of navigating the complexities of the modern and constantly changing business environment. It’s not just about changing processes or technologies but also about cultivating a mindset that embraces continuous improvement and learning.

What events are planned to provide a deeper dive into the above themes?  Do please watch this space and get in touch if you want to get involved.

Events form a core part of GTA FoW community engagement and while the calendar is still being firmed up for next year, the following events are in the pipeline:

  • How do we get People, Process and Technology right for our business?
    • Q1 2024 (exact date TBC): in person, in London, UK
    • In partnership with Lloyds Banking Group, this panel session will focus on how technology will impact the workplace in 2024 and beyond.
    • As the world rapidly evolves, so does our approach to work. This event will focus on the paramount importance of a synergy between people, process and technology, de-mystifying the mysteries of successful integration and collaboration between humans and smart systems.
  • Celebrating success | Walking the Future of Work walk
    • Q2 2024 (exact date TBC): hybrid, London, UK
    • With public discourse stating a ‘return to the office’ rally is on the rise, what organisations are leading by example? This case study style event spotlights corporate and SME organisations who are future of work leaders, sharing best practice insight and in turn, helping to drive positive change.
  • Digital Nomad 101
    • Q3 2024 (exact date TBC): online
    • Digital nomads – those who embrace remote working and travel – are harnessing new technologies to power an outwardly aspirational lifestyle. While this community has existed for some time, the global pandemic thrust this lifestyle under the spotlight accelerating this practice within the working population. This event explores the realities of the lifestyle – strengths, challenges, and for those interested in pursuing it, tricks, tips and pitfalls to avoid.
  • Parenthood penalty and the Pay Gap?
    • Q3 2024 (exact date TBC): online
    • With the UK government having announced childcare relief coming into effect in September 2025, this event aims to explore just how the ‘parenthood penalty’ impacts the modern workplace and how working parents can circumnavigate this.

Who to contact to learn more, join and/or collaborate with the Group?

Contact Co-Founders Louisa Steensma and Zoltan Vass

Visit websiteLinkedIn@GTA_FoW