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GTA leads

Sandra Sinicco

Group Lead, Tech Brazil Advocates

Sandra Sinicco is a businesswoman with a communication company ( GrupoCASA) and a consultancy ( LatamScaleUP)  focusing on innovation and environmental/social impact industries. Over the years, she provided services for over 500 companies landing in Latin America.

In 2020, in association with the BEC-Birmingham Enterprise Community, she created the Latam Global Connection Program aimed at CEOs and leaders of Latin American startups and pre-scaleups who want to prepare to expand internationally by acquiring and improving their Global Mindset. This program resulted from her experience with the Latam Edge Award she created in 2016 in the UK, which is aimed at innovative companies in Latin America. It detected a vast “gap” in the Global Mindset of Latin American entrepreneurs.

She’s a Board Member of the IBGC, the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance, taking part in the Group of Governance for Startups in the Institution; she is a Board Member of the LatAm chapter of the Eutech Chamber: the European Chamber of Technology Business, based in Switzerland. She is also a Board Member of Vortex, the League of University Entrepreneurs Leagues, bringing together more than 1000 students in the final phase of their university education and eager to undertake. Member of the Board of the Museu da Pessoa. In the last 25 years, this pioneering organisation has gathered a collection of more than 30,000 life stories recorded by Brazilians. Member of the Board of SOUL Institute for Women Empowerment, a company that provides experiences for women working for big companies who need to empower themselves to expand their careers.

Board Member of The Conversation, the central news agency delivering scientific information in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand way, and a Board Member of Tamoios Tecnologia, a paper recycling company producing products for the Food and Agriculture businesses.