Meet the
GTA leads

Alma Tarfa

Group Lead, Tech Ireland Advocates

Alma Tarfa is a Nigerian-Irish Tech enthusiast who is passionate about people, technology and empowering people of all ages as they navigate the world of Technology. She has made strides in her career as Software Engineer contributing to both frontend and backend codebases and she has worked as a Mentor and Tutor for organisations such as NUI Galway and social cause groups like Phase Innovate
and Black Girls in Tech.

She is the recipient of the Rising Star award in the Diversity in Tech Awards 2022 and is one of the featured women in the second edition of “The Voices in the Shadow”, a book that showcases the journeys of 51 Black women in the tech industry.

She is one of the co-founders of Tech and Inclusion Advocates Ireland ensuring that
the next generation is prepared for the workforce and highlighting the diverse voices
that exist in corporate and institutional spaces in Ireland. Within Tech and Inclusion she is a co-lead for Tech Ireland Advocates, which is part of Global Tech Advocates, working towards a goal of creating connectedness within Ireland and internationally within the Global Tech Advocates Network.

Currently, you will find Alma learning and developing what it takes to be software engineering people leader as she leads the humans in Workhuman’s mobile engineering team.